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Event Styling

The Festive store is a specialist event styling and prop hire group that can help you create big and small events.  We have an extensive range of props and styling tools together with the qualified and experienced stylist team to create your dream event.

We use a collaborative approach to create with our customers and their event team a specialist decor scene which shares the festivities experience with all.

We have brought our 10 + Christmas years of experience to all of life’s festivities including Easter, Footy season, XMAS in July, Mothers day and many more.


We understand the power of social media and the need to activitate your events with places to stop and snap.  Balloon walls, flower walls, photoframes and of course Santa’s throne…. all an opportunity for your customers and guests to slow down and immerse themselves in the experience.   It can be a simple experience or make a large splash.  Talk to use to discuss your budget and what you want to shout from the rooftops.


Our team have been involved in the event and decorating industry for over 10 years and have qualifications in event planning and project management, fine arts and interior design.  This has enabled us to work with a number of large venues across Melbourne for both events and Christmas events.  As event stylists we work closely with venue management, clients and event planners to develop a cohesive look and feel which creates a dream event.   Our job is to assist to make an effortless event come together for all.

Using our own props and branding ideas from our clients it is possible to create a beautiful, special event big or small with respect to budgets, space and timelines.  Our props can be matched together to create a scene, a stage for a product or to make an entrance.   Our wonderful clients have been using our services for many years and we are proud to have become a trusted partner of our clients.

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