Large Latex Balloons with couch for a event photobooth area.


Commercial balloon installations across Melbourne

Balloons have been part of our festivities for over 70 years and are a quick, fun way of bringing cheer and colour to an event.  Not just for birthday parties, balloons fit into any commercial and visual merchandising space.  The latest trend in organic forms of balloons allows for a free flowing arch and garland to flow across a large space. 

We can create and fill a large Commercial or event space with balloons or just give a product launch a little pop.  Work with our event styling team to ensure you event decor is complete.

Branding is also available to spread your message through balloons 

Environmental message

The Festive store is part of the Balloon industry in Victoria who as an industry believe in the responsible handling and use of balloons for all events and displays.  Latex balloons are made from the rubber trees of the world’s rain forest and are harvested without hurting the trees, allowing for an industry to grow without cutting down any trees.   Latex biodegrades at the same pace as a oak leaf, and is visible as you see your balloons turning dull and frosted.

By collecting all balloon materials after a display and responsibly disposing of balloons, it is possible to prevent any harm to the environment by balloons.  The Festive store does not condone balloon releases of any type into the atmosphere and promotes pin it and bin it practices.   If you have any concerns we will work with our event partners to ensure the safety of the environment with the use of balloons. 
Visit PEBA for more information on how the balloon industry is working to make driving environmental change within the balloon industry.

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