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The Festive store decorates all year long, working to help our clients create beautiful celebrations through out the year.  From Easter, Lunar New Year through to the Spring Racing Carnival, our range of props and scene setters, together with our styling know how can help create memorable seasonal displays for retail, home and commercial settings. 

lunar new year

A beautiful start to the year, the Lunar festival follows the Lunar calendar to celebrate the New Year between January 21 and February 20.   The Festive store has a large range of traditional lanterns, Cherry blossom, year specific symbols and more.  Our style team put together unique displays across Melbourne in retail, commercial and council properties.


Always a favourite, with fun displays bringing out the child in everyone. From Easter bunny gardening to a bright, colourful, spring display, Easter is a beautiful retail holiday, second only to Christmas for spending on food.   Engage your community with additions or dwell and activity spaces, and interactive displays. 


A firm favourite in our house, Halloween has grown from an American holiday to a worldwide phenomenon. Retail shopping strips and centres have had great success with trick or treating and in-house displays.  A little scary, but fun and colour can create a must-go-to destination over this period.   Add social media and photo opportunities to shout your brand across your audience.

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or call us to discuss your personal Christmas decorating needs as our Tree and prop range is always being updated and we are happy to discuss the sourcing of props and decorations especially for you.

activate your display with our range of activities

Project gallery

Explore our previous work for inspiration and ways to activate your space and next event.

Winter school holiday activation at Gisborne shopping centre. Square space decorated with large snowman, trees and backdrop

Gisborne Frozen Zone

The 2022 June winter school holidays were welcomed with a mini ‘Frozen Zone’ at Gisborne Shopping Centre. With plenty of
Large LED snowflake light with winter snow covered wooden tree shapes.

Milleara Frozen Zone

The June school holidays are often cold with limited activities across Melbourne.  So we created an interactive display for Milleara
Olympic dias for event

Olympics display 2021

In between COVID lockdowns, the June school holidays were finally a chance to create a beautiful socially distanced retail display
A large flat sign in the shape of an easter egg with a bite taken out of the top edge. Happy Easter is written on the gold foil covering the bottom half of the egg which also has a large red bow around it

Easter Garden display

Creating a wonderful Easter display for adults and children’s like for the Easter school holidays at Milleara shopping centre. The
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