16Ft (500cm) New Hampshire Cone tree


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The New Hampshire Deluxe Cone tree is designed with long foliage tips for a full and bushy effect.  The New Hampshire Pine features a mixture of 3 styles of foliage and 2 palettes of green. The foliage comprises of mature green tips and new growth (lighter green) foliage, combined to create a beautiful, and realistic Christmas Tree.

The cone tree is designed in 61cm sections, with each section of metal frame wrapped in foliage.  Each section has brackets and screws on the bottom of the section (colour code) to join to the next section above.

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Tips (foliage) may be left flat against frame or opened (length 8cm)
  • 8 sections of 61cm
  • 500cm total height
  • Tree base on ground (diameter) 173cm
  • Stackable sections, for easy storage
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