What is a swag? Christmas greenery explained

Christmas garland along reception desk

As Christmas decorators we have our own language of terms and expressions and it is often confusing trying to work out we are saying, and explain to us what you want to hang around your office or home.  There is common misconception that Christmas wreaths are not just round, but also long pieces of greenery too.  So what is a wreath?  the short answer it is a circle of greenery to hang or place in a decor setting.  The long answer is, here are some terms commonly heard in Christmas decorating

3 types of Christmas greenery

Christmas garland

Is a long piece of Christmas greenery, an even width the whole length. The Christmas garlands are often used to hang on the front of reception desks, the centre length of the Christmas table, hung along a balustrade or even above a door.  Christmas garlands include fairy lights and decorations or are beautiful as a plain piece of greenery.  Our Christmas decorators can hang a garland anywhere, just discuss with one our team.

Christmas wreath

A Christmas decorators favourite and most popular pieces of Greenery (beside your Christmas tree). A full circle of greenery in any size which is commonly hung on the front door of a home.  But is also common to be used by our decorators as a Christmas centrepiece for a dining table, hung on a wall of a business or even hung from the ceiling of a commercial building with both sides on show.  Beautifully decorated in your chosen theme with lots of details, a simple bow or including LED fairy lights.

Christmas swag

A long piece of Christmas greenery, which is wider in the centre and tapers to a thinner width at each end.  The Christmas swag is intented to be hung by our decorators at each end with a dip in the middle, creating a smile or crescent shape.  The Christmas swag is a more commercial shape, and is commonly used by our Christmas decorators in shopping centres and large commercial areas.

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