Why decorate your office for Christmas?

The question of whether you should decorate your office for Christmas might come up at budget times or just in the kitchen amongst the Christmas fanatics and scrooges.  So we at the Festive Store have come up with 5 key reasons to give to ensure everybody understands the value of Christmas spirit in the office.

Colour pop of decorations in the office this Christmas

Christmas decorating can help alleviate stress at this often hectic time of year, improving employees’ well being and lifting the spirits.   Unless your office is really cool, full of bright colours and unusual rooms, Christmas decorations will be a welcome relief in an office space that is standard fit out and has a dull colour scheme.  Christmas decorations will give the office that much needed pop of colour and brighten people’s spirits.

Christmas spirit in the officedecorate your office with a bad Christmas tree this Christmas

The stresses of Christmas shopping aside, most of us enjoy the festive period and are more upbeat and happier because of it.  Whether it’s the general Christmas parties and catch-ups shared with others or the thought of spending time with family, a festive environment brings out that childhood anticipation and excitement we remember. That morale boost should bring with it an uplift in productivity and engagement, and a lowering of absence rates – all good news as many companies strive to hit their end-of-year targets.  Christmas decorations within the office is a reminder that we were all once children and that this time of year is special and should be celebrated.

Stopping the tinsel in the office this Christmas season

Everybody has seen Christmas decorations where they wished they hadn’t. And winced at your office neighbour who displays a Santa doll that wiggles his butt.  Decorating the office as a company removes the temptation for a little tinsel and inappropriate gag Christmas.  Your employees can be proud of their office and the gorgeous Christmas decorations around.  It doesn’t have to be all too serious as you can still bring the fun into office with ugly sweaters, secret Santas and Santa photos – just leave the tinsel at home.

Showing your spirit to your visitors and clients,

Decorating the office for Christmas, shows your organisation’s human side – that you care about their well being, morale and happiness while they are at work. Having a bit of fun at work is also important for your brand as any employer;  you’ll want to post pictures of your decorated office on your social media channels, so prospective applicants can gain an insight into your organisational culture.

And it is not just your brand as an employer , visitors and clients alike will take note of your decorations or lack of to help them assess your company. A social media company priding themselves on being hip, showcasing a bedraggled Kmart tree in the corner of the foyer does not shout we care about appearances and what is on trend.

Get it done for you

So of course you can have it all done for you by our professional Melbourne Christmas decorators such as the Festive Store who will come in after hours, decorate to trend and style and you will never know they were there. No need to worry about where those boxes of baubles have been hidden, or accidentally thrown out by facilities. No need to worry about the mess on the floor.

Let the Festive Christmas decorators team do it all.

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