Christmas Trend: Essential nature

Christmas werath with sea decorations

With our growing concern for Mother nature and our Earth, Christmas decorators are also looking to how a sustainable message can be incorporated in to themes and scenes.  Whether it is for a Commercial Christmas display or for your Christmas table on Christmas Day, essential natural Christmas decor is a beautiful celebration of the festive season.

This Christmas trend can combine modernity with natural colours and rustic materials.  Hand made and natural items will catch every ones eye as they view the scene created.

Natural christmas foliage and lanterns

This theme has a predominance of earthy tones, warm tones and shades of green.  With textures of hessian, linen and natural foliage.  The result is a beautiful display of Christmas memories, and elegance in a unpretentious way.

No need to be rustic and all DIY, it is possible to create a beautiful elegant look with natural foliage, candles and fairy lights.  Vintage glass also reflects beautifully in the nestle of greenery.  But let nature take the lead.

If you would like help in creating a beautiful Christmas display, please contact our decorating team for our catalogues and quote.

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