Our Christmas themes

A selection of our Christmas colour schemes.  Each theme is an array of baubles, stars, finials and other decorations to create a beautiful Christmas display.  Please ask for our Commercial Christmas catalogue for detail on each design and examples of our work.  We update our range of decorations each year to ensure we are on trend and can offer the best value to our customers.  Our decorations are chosen for their colour, shape and safety.  We do not use glass or easily shattered decorations to ensure all our customers enjoy our tree.

Blizzard - white and silver Christmas coloured theme Carnivale - multi colour bright Christmas theme Chic - Gold and copper Christmas colour theme
Festive - red and gold traditional Christmas colour theme Gatsby - gold and black Christmas theme Merry - red and green Christmas theme
Royale - Blue and silver Colour Christmas theme Scandi - Red and white with a hint of natural Christmas theme Ruby - red and silver Christmas theme
Salt - aqua, teal white and silver Christmas theme Shimmer - gold shades Christmas colour theme Spirit - Gold and silver Christmas colour theme