Balloons, balloons and more.  So many options and crazy new ideas with balloons.  They have moved so far from tying a bunch to the front gate to let people know where you are - now they can be the focal point of any event.

We sell balloons both  uninflated Australia wide and inflated to our Melbourne customers.  Please note that delivery for Inlfated arrangements and party packs is calculated separately from our online system.  Pleaes call us on (03 9484 9995) for exact pricing of delivery.

Helium balloons inflated for Melbourne customers.

Balloon arrangements tower of balloons in black and gold

Balloon weights and accessories
helium inflated balloons Melbourne Balloon arrangements Balloon accessories 7 weights

90cm round jumbo balloons

PInk confetti balloon with tail

Foil shapes for all occasions

90cm round jumbo balloons

Confetti and Tassel balloons

Foil shapes 

Mega letter foil balloons in sizes and colours

Mega foil number balloons in different shapes and sizes

Standard foil balloons 45cm
Foil letter balloons Foil number balloons Standard foil balloon 45cm
Metallic Pearl helium quality balloon packs

Mini 12cm latex balloons for creating arrangements

Plain helium quality balloons
Metallic and pearl helium quality balloon packs Mini 12cm latex balloons Plain helium quality balloon packs
Foil supershape balloons Twisting balloons

Supershape foil balloons

Twisting balloons

(160Q , 260Q)

Printed packs of balloons